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Deane C. Davis Award

This Award was created in 1990 by Marilyn Childs and Ruth Towne in honor of Deane C. Davis. The criteria for this award is as folllows:
Deane C. Davis Memorial Award is awarded for dedication to the Morgan Horse. The person must have at least 30 years associated with the Morgan breed as an owner, breeder or contributor to the Morgan cause.The honor is to go to a kind of person exemplified by Deane Davis: a person who has a long history of service to the Morgan Horse and  may  have made their contribution quietly and steadily over the years.

All employees of AMHA, AMHI, the Morgan Horse Magazine, as well as professional trainers are ineligible.
Below are those who have been honored with this Award.

1990 Frances Bryant
1991 Clarie Murphy
1992 Lewis Springer
1993 Lyman& Mary Corriveau
1994 Esther Holbrook
1995 Charlotte & Charlie Ross
1996 Marilyn Childs
1997 Clara Hendin
1998 Polly Quinn
1999 Harrit Hilts
2000 George Lyon
2001 Ruth Towne
2002 Ruth Orcutt
2003 Elizabeth Riera Cohn
2004 Phyllis Dickie
2005 Dr. Donald Balch
2006 Virginia Allen
2007 Edward & Evelyn Leonard
2008 Susan Lathrop
2009 Betty J. Johnson
2010 Anne Brown
2011 Polly Smith
2012 Nancy Plimpton
2013 Joy Smith
2014 Jeannine K. Myer
2015 Carol & Gregory Fleck
2016 Ivan Beattie
2017 Jacky Marston
2018 Arthur L. Perry, Jr.
2019 Judeen Barwood
2021 Nancy Mangum

VMHA Lifetime Achievement Award - Clara Hendin

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