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John Raymond Volunteer Award

The John Raymond Volunteer Awards were created in 2007. These awards are in recognition of John Raymond, a long time member and volunteer for the VMHA. The awards are presented to the individuals who have volunteered their creative efforts, time and energy to the VMHA and have worked to increase public awareness and education about the Morgan Horse. Recipients are awarded a VMHA Volunteer pin and certificate.

All Around VMHA Volunteer - Linda Angelino
Heritage Days Volunteer - Virginia Lisai
Vermont Spring Classic - Josie Davis

All Around VMHA Volunteer - Sue Ford
Heritage Days Volunteer - Kim Likakis
Vermont Spring Classic Volunteer - Bonnie Sogoloff

Bill & Marcia Ryan

All Around VMHA Volunteer - Joanie MacClay
Heritage Days Volunteer - Clara Hendin
Vermont Spring Classic Volunteer - Deborah Blackett

All Around VMHA Volunteer- Janet Kennedy
Heritage Days Volunteer - Susan Sellew
Vermont Spring Classic Volunteer - Sue Lowery