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W. Lyman Orcutt Scholarship Award

 The VT Morgan Horse Association, Inc encourages excellence in its members by providing the W. Lyman Orcutt, Jr. Scholarship Award each year to one or more outstanding man or woman who would like to continue their education. The scholarship is for at least one $500 scholarship annually. The scholarship will be paid to the recipient and the education program they are enrolled in by July 15th of that current year. The program is open to any man or woman who is a Vermont resident and a member in good standing of the Vermont Morgan Horse Association, Inc. Considered important and selection to be based on the following:
Being a VMHA Member
Being a Vermont resident
Involvement with the Morgan Horse
Youth club participation
Most recent scholastic achievement
3 letters of reference (non-family) relevant to character ability, achievement and Morgan involvement
VMHA Scholarship Application

W. Lyman Orcutt Scholarship Recipients

The Youth of the Year Award was created in 2005 to honor the VMHA Youth who have gone above and beyond their duty to support the VMHA and the Morgan Horse through promotion and volunteerism. This recognition has been observed by their peers and other VMHA members.

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