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September 2020 VMHA Newsletter

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Volume 31, Issue 3

SEPTEMBER, 2020 Newsletter


 President’s Letter – very important to read

 Board of Directors contact information

 VMHA Sponsored “Day of Lessons” with John Greenall

 VMHA Annual Meeting

 VMHA and Morgan Horse Heritage Foundation sponsored Justin Morgan Homestead

VMHA President’s Letter

Dear VMHA Friends,

These are challenging times as we have all been affected by COVID-19. VMHA Calendar activities and events have been either cancelled or modified. We rarely socialize, and when we do, we wear a mask and stay at a “social distance” or meet virtually through Zoom, GoToMeeting or another online app. Recently I was inspired, and my energies renewed, as I witnessed the unveiling of the Vermont Historic Preservation plaque identifying the site of the cabin where Justin Morgan first settled.

This celebration of Morgan history completed Dennis and Laura Tatro’s 14-year project to locate the original homestead site. The site is located by Neighbor Road on the Randolph / Brookfield town line and across the road is the meadow where Figure was pastured. After the ceremony Morgan horses raced either in harness or under saddle along nearby Snow Road. Through multiple heats SRS Addicted prevailed by winning the Championship in the Harness with a time of 1:22:07; and then came back to win the second Championship under Saddle with a time of 1:16:56. There’s nothing like Morgan trotting races to boost one’s spirits!

I want to provide you with an update on this year’s annual meeting, meeting date, and the election of officers and directors. Due to the health risks and regulations involved during the COVID-19 pandemic the meeting situation/location has changed; the date of annual meeting has changed; and the manner in which the elections occur will change to accommodate meeting format. Please mark your calendars as the new date is November 7th at 6:30 p.m. We will not hold a physical meeting at Capitol Plaza in Montpelier.

Instead we will hold a virtual meeting via the internet and/or by phone. Health and safety are the primary reasons for cancelling the onsite meeting. Information about the virtual

meeting, the agenda, and how to access the meeting will be sent to you as we get closer to the date.

The changes to the elections are as follows. Elections will be held via mail-in ballots only. Ballots will be sent to the membership 30 days prior to the annual meeting.

Returned ballots must be postmarked by a date certain in order to be counted. Currently the Nominating Committee is reviewing the slate of candidates for the open positions.

Once the slate of candidates has been determined the ballots will be sent to the membership via US Postal Service. If you are interested in being a candidate for a director position please contact either:

Nina Quinn (; (802) 885-7281, cell (802) 922-4737

Barb Estey (; (802) 886-8223.

Earlier this year the board completed an organizational self-assessment in order to achieve the core themes: Increasing new members and involving them in the organization; Growing the Association and bringing in new ideas by increasing the youth members and activities; Succession planning of the Officers and Board members as needed; Directors willing to work on behalf of the Association – Looking to have directors assigned as “chairs” to further promote the business of the Association; and Creating a more unified Board. To date we have identified our strengths and weaknesses.

The next steps are to define the work and the roadmap that needs to be undertaken in order to build our strategic plan.

While life is full of challenges, Vermonters are resilient. I am confident that with your continued support we will see to it that the VMHA will continue to grow, undertake new activities, and sponsor more events. We are all in this together. Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay strong.

With warm regards,


VMHA President



President: Karen McKnight…..PO Box 15, Underhill Center, VT 05790.......802.899-4185… Vice President: Nina Quinn……1065 Eureka Road, Springfield, VT 05156.......802.885-7281… Treasurer: Barbara Estey………555 Spoonerville Road, Chester, VT….802 886-8223… Secretary: Kathlyn Furr……....2563 Silver Street, Hinesburg, VT 05461…..802 482-2583… Directors:

Anne Brown ………..1380 Old Stage Road, Westford, VT 05494........802 878-4128… Denny Emerson…..166 Brook Road, Stafford, VT 05072………....802 765-4049…

Jennifer Hopper……..PO Box 40, Westford, VT 05494……...802 434-6130… Mary (Luci) Stephens…...PO Box 87, Forestdale, VT -5745……802 247-1495… Amanda Ryan…….27 Maple Ridge Lane, South Hero, VT 05486….892 578-0353… Brittany Collins….1254 Main Street, Fairfax, VT 05454…….802 881-6666…… Cheryl Rivers………2698 Vt Route 107, Stockbridge, VT 05772…….802 234-5803… Hayes Sogoloff……175 McGuire Pent Road, Charlotte, VT 05445....802 425-7200..…

2020 VMHA Calendar of Events

VMHA Sponsored “Day of Lessons”  with John Greenall Date: September 26, 2020

Location: Heyday Morgans, Springfield, VT

Lessons: Driving and Carriage Driving lessons

Cost: $75

Please Note: due to Covid, there will be no auditors and we ask that you only bring people needed to help you. Masks required when near people as required by VT State. Spaces limited.

For more information contact: Nina Quinn

VMHA Annual Meeting:

See the President’s Letter – be sure to add the date (November 7, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.) and mail-in ballot voting information to your personal calendars!!! Please return your completed vote ballot as soon as possible.

Justin Morgan’s Homestead Celebration

Sunday, August 30th in Randolph Center was a momentous day. Dennis and Laura Tatro, Laura Trieschmann of the Vermont Division of Historic Preservation, and the Nathan Snow family were present to unveil a new Vermont Historic Sign signifying the homestead site of Justin Morgan and the grassy field where Figure (the Justin Morgan horse) was pastured.

As a surprise, Roy Morgan, a descendant of the Morgan family, arrived from his Massachusetts home for the celebration. Roy is tall and lean, with the same facial features of his distant relative, Justin Morgan Jr. The Vermont Historical Society has an image of Justin Morgan Jr in its collections. It is said that Justin Morgan Jr’s father, Justin Morgan, looked very similar to his son. That resemblance is certainly reflected in the current Morgan family.

VMHA and the Morgan Horse Heritage Foundation are proud supporters for Dennis’ Day in the Sun. Please enjoy the photographs taken of that day.

Kathlyn Furr

VMHA Secretary, Morgan Horse Heritage Foundation Board of Director From left to right: Roy Morgan, Dennis Tatro, Laura

Trieschmann, Nathan Snow and family. Ready to unveil the Justin Morgan Homesite Vermont Historical marker.


The image is looking toward the Brookfield town side where Figure was pastured. The unveiling of the Justin Morgan Homestead Sign.

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